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Hive Adoption Packages

  • One share (1/12th) = $55. = One (1-16 oz.) jar of honey & a certificate of adoption.*
  • A quarter hive = $145 = Three (3-16 oz.) jars of honey & a certificate of adoption.*
  • A half hive = $270 = Six (6-16oz.) jars of honey & a certificate of adoption.*
  • The whole hive = $520 = Twelve (12-16 oz.) jars of honey & a certificate of adoption.*

With this option you will have roughly 60,000 new friends. Your adopt a hive donation will help support a hive at Funny Farm Apiaries for one year. Your adoption directly helps support and sustain healthy bee colonies that are vital to pollination and the ecology. It will go toward purchasing hives, bees, equipment, and organic treatments to help save the bees, battle varroa and tracheal mites as well as other disease affecting the honeybees.


Adopting is perfect for anyone interested in bees but not able to have hives due to the expense, limited space or time. We maintain the hives on our property or outyards and you get to enjoy honey from our hives. Adoptions can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for family or friends. They make great wedding, birthday, holiday, Mother's or Father's Day gifts. Each donation is for one year only.

*Discounts cannot be used toward this purchase nor does this qualify for loyalty rewards. 

Adopt a Hive

PriceFrom $55.00
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